Let us help you in the critical areas of CCTV Surveillance! Dynamic Security Technologies can work with your Sales, Engineering, IT or Management teams to assist, survey, design, coordination, and implementation on all of your CCTV applications. We are very experienced with top product lines by Altronix, Axis, American Dynamics, Bosch, Dedicated Micros, GE (Kalatel, Fiber Options), Genetec, Honeywell (RapidEye, DVM, Fusion, etc), Integral Technologies, NVT, Pelco, Pivot 3, Salient, Sony, and Axis, Arecontvision, Exacq, Milestone, Avigilon, NetVR, HikVision, and many more!

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Cabling will be professionally installed conforming to all local codes. Cable paths chosen will be the least intrusive and most efficient, mindful of various building dynamics such as furniture, ease of access, cable length, etc. Cabling will be neatly bundled together and ran at an elevation leaving sufficient clearance for ceiling opening and access. We’ll leave a “follow string” in conduits and long cable paths used for future adds. Each cable will be labeled with unique, identifying information to match on both ends. A floor plan blueprint will be detailed with cabling information, labeling, device adds, device relocations and other important data.

All devices will be terminated by either soldering (may be an additional cost), or insulated crimp connectors. Coaxial or UTP cabling will be properly installed using proper tools and connectors. Our technicians are equipped with portable Sony WatchCam Monitors and laptops for fine tuning and troubleshooting. We have installed & configured countless Analog and IP cameras. We’re also very good at the commissioning of many PTZ protocols (i.e. RS-422, Pelco P/D/C, Manchester Biphase, etc). The usage of Power over Ethernet and Power over Unshielded Twisted Pair are also great innovations versus traditional means. Network IP Cameras are the future of surveillance technologies and our staffs are already well versed in them.

Headend equipment will be installed to factory specifications utilizing various techniques that will vary depending on physical location. CCTV equipment may be installed onto a 19″ Rack, lockable enclosure, standalone wallmount shelf, etc. Proper configuration, material handling, care will always be placed. We are very experienced in the building of entire security video monitoring console stations from the ground up and all associated devices as well. From Network Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorders, SCSI/SATA RAID arrays, Network Attached Storage, CCTV Matrix Switchers, Remote Joystick & Viewing, PTZ Data Protocols, and any type of camera. We can do it all!

Dynamic Security Technologies Inc can provide you with all of your DVR programming and configuration tasks. DVR Host – Client setup is available to properly configure and troubleshoot these systems to utilize customer provided static IP addresses through firewalls and VLANs. We can also help you design and build a dedicated CCTV Local Area Network to work around company bandwidth limitations. Remote viewing client workstations can also be installed and configured, and we are excellent at conducting customer training on video archive manipulation.

We offer customer and end-user training of these complex systems. We can provide training based on the system included operation manuals. If requesteded, we can develop step-by-step, site-specific system usage documentation that will equip your customers with the tools that they will need to have 100% knowledge of how to manipulate & navigate through their CCTV systems to their best advantage. We can help clients cut through the red tape with live, personable training, and ease of use that will help raise overall levels of customer satisfaction.

These are some major benefits in allowing DST to handle your system service needs:

  • Qualified DST technicians have decades of service excellence.
  • We often have many components in stock that can expediate problem resolution.
  • When available, we can use remote web-based connections to resolve issues, saving time and money.