HID Mobile Access: Twist and Go

Convenient & more secure way to do away with traditional access cards. This method neutralizes “short / long distance” access card skimming as it works completely different from traditional ‘Induction Coil’ dependent technologies.

Dynamic Security – Amazon Distribution Center Tracy: Cable Pulling 101

DST was the chosen security subcontractor for the new 1,000,000+ Sq. Ft. Amazon Distribution Center in Tracy, CA.

Led by DST Foreman Kyle Schmidt, 5 Technicians averaged 60 hours a week pulling cables in this manner, mostly installing high-reach cables on top of 4 Boom/Scissor Lifts simultaneously at once

SSP-DST 1K2K-RESPK Resistor Pack – Installation Video

The SSP-DST-1K2K-RESPK module is compatible with most major access control systems such as Software House, Infographics, Casi-Rusco, Lenel, S2, AMAG and much more!

Save time, save money and refrain from troubleshooting labor costs… Don’t settle for anything less than the best!

“It’s as simple as Black and White!”

Dynamic Security – How a Shearlock Maglock works

We mad ethis video to exemplify the importance of the armature plate on a shearlock maglock: In that it has a built in mini-magnet which has a sole purpose of confirming to the shearlock (The shearlock has am internal built in door contact sensor that aligns with this mini-magnet) that the door is in a closed position. In turn the shearlock will energize and secure the door. Do NOT use any ordinary maglock armature plate with shearlock applications! They do not have mini-magnets and will only cause you many problems!

HDX Easy Eraser- In action

A DST Technician showing how useful the HDX Easy Eraser is on the field! Use these to clean measure marks, scuffs, ANYTHING!