9 Quick Questions

This document enables us into planning a securement strategy for your organization, that will meet 100% of your expectations.

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    1) Camera Video Management System (VMS)

    2) Electronic Access Control System (ACS)

    3) For access credentials, we want our staff to use

    If "Other":

    4) Burglar Alarm System (BURG):

    5) Do you have Physical Security Guard Staff patrolling your business 24x7x365?

    6) What are your top objectives for your Access Control System? (Check all that apply)

    7) Do you have critical rooms in your premises that contain invaluable intellectual and physical properties that require a most escalated Access Level? (i.e. Special Clearance to access the Main Server Room)

    If "yes" (choose one)

    8) Does your company regularly perform Network Penetration Tests to ensure that unauthorized remote access into your Private LAN is diligently ensured and safeguarded?

    9) What is your intended Security Strength Level? (Scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest):