Dynamic Security will work closely with you to survey, design, and implement the right security applications to meet your exact needs.

A talented Project Manager will serve as your “single point of contact”. And they will be deeply involved from start to finish. You won’t have to deal with 3 or 4 different people.

Our PM will: 1) Engineer a suitable security design for you, 2) Prepare a competitively-priced estimate proposal, and 3) Manage the installation to full completion.

You should know that we love to communicate! We are highly active via phone/text/email and you should expect to see project updates (including pictures) on a daily basis.



  • Central Station Monitoring of burglar alarm systems
  • Alarm System Brands: Ademco, Bosch, DMP
  • Door Monitoring, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak Detectors, Panic Buttons
  • Remote Notifications
  • Secure Cell Phone App Disarming Features
  • Hardwired & Wireless Systems

Access Control

  • We are an Authorized Dealer of S2 Access and Avigilon ACM
  • We offer Cloud-based “Server-less” Access Control
  • Seamless “hot swap” access control system conversions from old to new
  • System expansions
  • Threat-Level site “Lock Down” procedures
  • Elevator Access Control
  • Mantraps and Anti-Passback Controls
  • Vehicle Entry-Exit systems
  • Remote Door Unlock/Release
  • Fully versed in Door Lock Hardware: Magnetic locks, Door Strikes, Electrified Mortise & Cylindrical Locks, Crash Bars & more.

Telephone and Paging

  • Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Telephone (Directory) Entry Systems
  • Emergency Phones and Callboxes

More About

Cabling will be professionally installed conforming to all local codes. Cable pathways chosen will be the least intrusive and most effective, avoiding firewall penetrations if possible and mindful of various building dynamics such as furniture, ease of access, cable length, etc. All firewall penetrations in plenum airspaces will be installed properly. Cabling will be neatly bundled together and ran at an elevation leaving ample clearance. We install follow string in conduits and long cable paths. Each cable will be labeled with unique, identifying information to match on both ends. Preferably, when a floor plan blueprint is available it will be detailed with cabling information, labeling, adds, deletions, relocations and other important data. Great documentation is vital to a solid installation, accurate as-builts and serviceability.

All devices will be terminated by either soldering or insulated crimp connectors. Proper grounding, insulating and wiring techniques will be carefully observed and applied. Devices will be installed level and “plumb”, and with extra slack behind each device for future usage, and delicate care for finishes.

Headend equipment will be installed according to factory specifications. Typically, fire-treated backboard used for communications equipment mounting is provided and installed by others. We’ll proficiently install all control equipment and power supplies using creative and effective means of cable entry, wire management, and serviceability. Some examples are using wire gutter raceways, conduit stubs, rigid coupling, Panduit, and D-Rings. Proper grounding, cleanliness and labeling will always be clearly visible and in place. Please check our “About Us” page for some examples of our craftsmanship.

We install and commission most of today’s popular access control systems. Collectively, our technicians have earned factory certifications and/ or have much experience with many of these systems: Software House Ccure1plus & Ccure800, Nexsentry, DSX Access, GE SecurePerfect, Infographics Diamond II & Saphire Pro and more. (We are not resellers of these enterprise-level systems, but we do offer many other great access systems to our own clients.) We have great familiarity programming host to panel communications, doors, inputs & outputs, time schedules, personnel, access level clearances, and more. Our teams of professional technicians can help troubleshoot and diagnose any situation. The commissioning of access control client workstations for the purposes of personnel administration and live activity monitoring is also available.

We can build and configure complete badging systems. We’ll work together with your staff and clients during the card design processes, automated data migration with other HR databases, and all other badging needs. DST can make these essential company badging procedures and ID assignment very simple:

  • Equipment setup (Badge PC, LAN integration, Photo Camera, Lighting/ Background, Badge Printer)
  • We can create custom badge layouts with dynamic fields and graphics
  • User authentication and photo processes
  • Badge printing services & maintenance
  • We are more cost effective at performing badging procedures versus technicians, IT, engineers, or temp agencies who are not familiar with these components and software.

We offer customer end-user training of the diversely complex systems of the security industry. We can provide training based on the system-included operation manuals. However, in many cases, these factory OEM manuals can be very difficult to understand, leading to a really tough experience. For this, we can develop site-specific system usage documentation that will equip customers with the exact instructions that they will need to have 100% knowledge of how to manipulate & navigate through their respective systems to their best advantage. We can help clients cut through the red tape with hands on personalized training, & undoubtedly help raise the overall level of customer satisfaction.

There are major benefits in allowing DST to handle your system service needs:

  • Qualified DST technicians have decades of service experience.
  • We often have many components in stock that can expediate problem resolution.
  • When available, we can use remote web-based connections to resolve issues, saving you time and money.